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YB in Mallorca

whYBe in Mallorca, and where? 
In this guide you will find all the top-notch ‘Editor’s Picks’; a selection of local hotspots & hidden gems made by a professional explorer who knows what’s up and popping. For anyone who likes to keep it simple, instead of being overwhelmed with a zillion choices.

€ 12,95

YB in Palma de Mallorca

whYBe in Palma, and where?
For those only visiting Palma: this is the Palma section of the Mallorca guide as a separate edition. Providing you with a list of: where to sleep, eat, get your coffee fix, go for a drink/dance, and the must-do’s you cannot miss out on while visiting this elegant capital of the Balearic islands. Buen viaje!

€ 7,95

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