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YB Travel Guides + Travel Support was born out of the need for travellers from all over the world to get professional & independent advice on the best places to go. Travel writer Yvette Bax was receiving so many messages from people asking for all sorts of tips and travel advice, that ‘it was rising out of the pan’ – as the Dutchies say.

That’s when she decided to start writing her own travel guides and get a Travel Support service up and running; to leave no question unanswered, and to help you make the absolute most out of every trip! 

Happy travelling!

Yvette Bax

Freelance travel journalist Yvette Bax was born and bred in the Netherlands. She is based between Cape Town, Mallorca & Amsterdam, but spends most of her time travelling all over the world. She has explored 117 countries up until now, leaving no adventure unexperienced and no place undiscovered. And she is not planning to retire just yet!

Yvette currently writes for over twenty magazines and several newspapers (mostly for De Telegraaf – the biggest newspaper in the Netherlands). She coordinated the travel section of the Dutch newspaper Metro and had her own monthly travel section in Kenya Airways’ inflight magazine, Msafiri. (See portfolio for more info) 

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