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Where to go for the most idyllic beach holiday? How to best spend a two-week holiday in Colombia? What’s definitely not to be missed in South Africa? (And what do you need to take into account to stay safe?)

For these, and any other questions regarding traveling: congratulations, you now have your very own personal pre-tour guide! To provide you with all the professional AND objective advice needed. My recommendations are 100% independent and all based upon my own personal research and experience.  

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  • Find hotspots, the places to be, and hidden gems, wherever you go
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  • Make sure you leave as prepared as you can, to make the very most out of your holiday

How it works? Let me know what your questions are, and I will answer them either by email, a phone call or WhatsApp – whatever you prefer. I offer this service to you by donation, which means that you can decide yourself what my Travel Support is worth to you.

(Please do take into account that travel writers get paid REALLY badly these days. So unless you want me to be writing my next guide from under a bridge: a – fair – donation IS very much appreciated, thank youuu.) 

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