Jungle survival tips

Uuups… Are you lost in the jungle? It can happen to the best of us. But don’t worry now; with these five tips from Surinamese jungle expert, Norman Macintosh you WILL survive and live to tell the tale. 1. Think MacGyverJust like this old-school American action hero, you will be wanting to solve your problems with […]

3 unique activities in Cape Town (that no one has ever heard of!)

Yes, when in Cape Town, you go to the beach and to the vineyards. Obviously! But there are some other pretty amazing activities that you can do too. Here are three fun things to do that you might never have expected to find in the Mother City! 1. Snorkeling with Seals Ready for playtime? One of […]

Pack like a pro: 5 of the best suitcase packing tips ever

Want to pack light and still have everything you need for your trip?  With these packing tips, you will be able to sort the essentials from the excess and pack like a pro! 1. Less is more‘Cause everything you pack, you have to carry with you. Research shows that the average traveler roughly only uses half […]

To smuggle or not to smuggle?

Everything you ever wanted to know about smuggling. Aka: a Q&A session with a customs officer – including some tips on how (not!) to smuggle. [Sssht, you didn’t hear this from us!] Since customs officers aren’t actually allowed to talk about this, we have had to give our inside source a pseudonym. Let’s call him… David. […]