About me

My name is Yvette. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. To me, writing means exploring, going on adventures, submerging in other worlds and learning all about them – people, societies, cultures and organisations. All the knowledge and experiences I gather, I pour into vivid stories. Which turned me into an all-round reporter, writer, copywriter, and interviewer, penning everything from travel features to articles on lifestyle, health and spirituality; as well as (ghost)writing and editing books.

In short, I made my favourite pastime – travelling, experiencing and describing the world – my profession, and it has been for over fifteen years now. I’ve visited 117 countries (and counting), collecting suitcases full of adventures, and archives bulging with stories, pictures and hotspots.

Proof positive is my body of work: publications in – to name a few – Dutch newspapers de Volkskrant, het Parool, de Telegraaf, as well as most regional Dutch papers, Metro (where I coordinated the travel section), and magazines such as Lonely Planet, Holland Herald, Flying Dutchman, Happinez, Santé, &C, Grazia, VROUW, Flow, Flair, Libelle, and a monthly feature in Kenya Airways’s inflight magazine. I collaborate with travel agencies as a destination editor and travel consultant, and I wrote travel guides on Mallorca, Cape Town and Amsterdam.

Besides travelling for a living – and even during my travels – I work as a copywriter, producing branded content for magazines as well as newspapers and websites. As a ghostwriter, I create books, columns and articles, and last but not least I work as a proofreader for various magazines, newspapers and publishers.

In my free time you’ll find me on the dance floor, in some tropical setting, listening to music, on a yoga mat, petting an animal, or eating chocolate. In random order.