Travel Journalist

After visiting 110 countries, and enjoying their views, I can say I’m a pro at writing about them. Please check out my travel guides if you don’t believe me. (And Essentialist)

Great Copywriter

Writing is my passion and I can do it with my eyes closed.

Editor / Corrector

I’ve worked on several editing projects for different magazines, and books. Editing is all about knowing the right words and putting them in the right order.

Freelance Journalist

I´ll just write about whatever you want me to, although my favorite subjects are travel, health and lifestyle.

Ghost writing

Have you ever been haunted by ideas and not know how to put them in paper? This ghost is here for you. Let´s talk about your project and I´ll take care of the rest.

Message in a Bottle

Keeping the tradition alive, if you are a writer you have to write messages in a bottle.

Let's talk about your project.